Ograda cu Struti farm was established in 2009 due to the curiosity and enthusiasm of a young Transylvanian family.
From that moment until now, the farm has been constantly investing in modernization.
In the spring of 2017, his own slaughterhouse was inaugurated.


The mission of this company is to support a healthy lifestyle and at the same time satisfy the demands of the clients who believe in the Romanian values.


The story of Ograda cu Struti Farm  was built on values such as family, seriousness, optimism, creativity and respect.


Ograda cu Struți believes in a near future in which all people will be well informed, willing to produce healthy and safe products.
In order to guarantee the quality of the meat, Ograda with Struti has integrated into the farm activity all the steps necessary to produce exceptional products.

  • The eggs are collected from their own ostric
  • Healthy puppies from incubation are obtained
  • The crops are fed with feed produced on the farm
  • The slaughter and packing of the meat is carried out in its own slaughterhouse under secure sanitary conditions


SC Auto Total Prest SRL

Sebeș, Str. Dorin Pavel no. 59, Jud. Alba, 515800, Romania

Farm Address: Sebeș, str. Călărași, Ograda cu Struți

Cod Fiscal: RO 19015088

Nr. Înreg. Reg. Comerțului: J01/957/2006

0744 977 222